Saturday, October 18, 2003

Clear Channel Doesn't Play Songs. It plays Jingles.

Talk about product placement! I can't even hear the Rascals anymore without seeing Peggy Fleming strut her skates for Claratin. Or is it Prilosec? Every drug these days has a song, and some are even good for you. Well, at least their harmful effects have yet to be ascertained. Some will hijack your brain, if you don't mind some company creating a product that will do so. Who NEEDS implants? We will install them ourselves. Through our mouths. After all it does bring them profits, and this is a capitalistic system. Suck it up. It's the way the game works. Drug dealers in suits and church. Rush's people. His brain was hijacked. Is yours?

When a station plays a song cum jingle, does it have to pay royalties to Smith-Kline? I have no idea, but figure that if it doesn't now, it will in the future. Well, there can be arrangements made...

Story is told how Kodak failed to see the wisdom of letting, if not encouraging, Paul Simon to create a song about Kodachrome. Of course they now see the benefit.

The practice, although bastardative, is fine with me...but I should think that artists might be more restrictive and selective about their song's eventual placement.

Now that people doubt the success of attempts at Liberal TV and Radio, their very doubt should be proof enough that their age-old accusation of the media's already being liberal is just so much hooey. Which reminds me. I want to append Whitman to read: "So I contradict myself. I am stupid." Maybe I should say "intellectually lazy". I'm not sure what it is that makes hypocricy so ubiquitous among the wingnuts. Maybe that's why they are called wingnuts!

My question then becomes: What product or service should have Einstein on the Beach?