Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Two Nations Under God

Blogmeistress, Iddybud, has brought up some good points concerning the er...Pledge of Deference? Pledge of Obsequiousness? Pledge of Obeisance? Pledge of Rhetoric? What is that damn thing anyway? Oh yes...the almighty Pledge of Allegiance!

Americans are so fucking goofy sometimes. Here is this silly poem that some nobody scrawls for Highlights Magazine (or something like that), and before long it becomes something people are willing to kill to preserve.

Why not preserve "Leaves of Grass"? Clearly is is an infinitely better poem.
But to kill for it? I seriously doubt Walt Whitman would like that very much.
Nor do I suspect is the ghost of the writer of the almight Pledge of Allegiance all that happy about all these wingnuts rallying people to fight and kill for it.

I am not going to kill squat for a poem. I won't even do it for a bible.
Words only approximate. Translations make matters even worse. Editing worse still.

So while these ne'er-do-wells are all afluff on the matter...remember what an infantile waste of emotional energy these fools are expending...and do not allow yourself to be so fooled.

The very same people who are bitching about the words "under God" -- which, by the way, WAS appended in the 1950s by the then Falwells and Robertsons -- they seem to have forgotten the "One nation" part.

Ah selective memory!

The whole matter is childish...and a product of Mass Diversion Inc.
Not something you'd want to buy. A broken and bastardized product.
And if you must buy...stick to the original. It is authentic. Unretouched.

Unlike those who live to muddy the waters...

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