Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Hated Cub Fan Saves Girl's Life

Hailed as Hero of All Chicago Gals

If you examine the following picture, you will see that the Chicago fan, Steve Bartman, was, perhaps inadvertently, a life-saver. Remember how the very tolerable Ashley Judd got killed in Simon Birch? Steve Bartman would have saved her...and he did save the hapless fan in last night's game.

Well maybe...

I say be merciful on the poor fellow. It's only a game. Looks like the fielder would have missed it anyway. And imagine when Chicago actually does win...which may still happen. Watch the tape of Susan Lucci when she finally won. All the sweeter when it does come. And it will.

Be patient. As Augustine said, "The reward for patience is patience."
Hang in there, Cubs fans. I always pull for the underdog. The overdog is usually so arrogant...