Sunday, April 25, 2004

How Smart People Vote

How Smart People Vote

Where in America will you find the greatest concentration of smart people? Tulsa, Oklahoma? Waco, Texas? Nashua, New Hampshire?
Well, maybe, but probably not. No reason for it.

The smartest people are most likely to be found in and around the smartest universities and/or smartest corporations and organizations.

As it happens, they all converge in the Boston/Cambridge axis, largely because of the intellectual capital at Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, Tufts, BU, BC, and so on...with the very greatest concentration radiating from Harvard Square.

Here is a map which shows how people are voting with their pocketbooks in the Boston/Cambridge area. The large circle in the middle (Memorial Drive) is Harvard Square.

As you will is overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic candidate for 2004.

Of course, voting smart might not be a priority in your life, and if this is the would do well to stay home on voting day.
We need an infusion of brains at the top...where it should be.

Vote smart. Or don't vote at all.