Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Kerry's VP: John Edwards is the only real hope for Kerry Gephardt, Edwards Undergo Checks for Veep

Listen to Right Wing Radio, and you will hear them talk about how nice it is that you know that Cheney, the VP, is not angling to eventually become if it is preferred to NOT have a potential successor waiting and prepared in the wings.

This is bullshit. They are saying this BECAUSE they fear Kerry will pick John Edwards...whom everyone can recognize as the kind of person America can actually rally around and enjoy serving. They see in him a good an honest steward, whose heart is in the right place, and whose very presence inspires confidence and hope. A sort of new improved Tony Blair...only without the stain of having colluded with Chimpy.

Face it. John Edwards will be President of the United States...some day. Maybe even sooner than we think. If Kerry doesn't choose him, maybe Kerry should step aside, as some have already suggested, and let Edwards have at Bush. This is not a time for pussyfooting.

No Pussyfooting

Gephardt is a pussyfoot. No offence. He is still a good man. A ricecake, but a good man.

The other unknown quantities Kerry seems to be courting are likely to draw even less support than Gephardt.

Don't listen to the turncoat Dick Morrises out there. And they ARE out there. Use a little logic for a change. Who got the most votes...other than you, Mr. Kerry. What does that tell you? It should tell you that he would be a valuable asset, and would bring large numbers with him.

He is also better looking than you. Practically as good-looking as me!
And as shallow as this may seem...look at Joe Lieberman. His own greed, arrogance and envy are written in his face. These are not attractive traits.

Edwards is not so encumbered.

Granted, it might be cool to get someone like Robert Redford to fill the 2nd slot, but people might bemoan his lack of political experience, in a world of complex terrors. But who knows?

Of the usual suspects vote goes to Edwards. And after your 8 years, Mr. Kerry, my vote will then go to your successor, who, by then, will have gathered enough wherewithal to become the greatest President this country has ever produced.'s North Carolina's turn!