Monday, April 26, 2004

Why Clinton was better than Bush: Information, Matter & Energy

Why Clinton was better than Bush: Information, Matter & Energy

Whilst ruminating over all the reasons why the Clinton years were so much better than these Bush II years, one that nearly slipped my mind, just came back back to me. It is based on Living Systems theory, and is quite simple:

The principle is this:

The survivability of a system is directly proportional to the degree that it is involved in information processing over matter/energy processing.

In other words, it is better to have a big head and little body, than big body and little head.

The Clinton Administration was focused on what? The Internet, The Information Superhighway.

And the Bush Administration is focused on what? Energy. Matter/Energy.

The Information that the Bush Administration is involved in, is really largely misinformation, disinformation. Oh yes. And hunches. And higher fathers.
Herbert's not all that high.

The Bush Administration is a lumbering dinosaur; a relic of the last century.
We need to get back to this century, which is information-based. Not misinformation-based.