Monday, May 10, 2004

Chì mi na mórbheanna


O Chì, Chì mi na mórbheanna
O Chì, Chì mi na córrbheanna
O Chì, Chì mi na coireachan
Chì mi na sgoran fo cheò

Chì mi gun dàil an t-nàite 's d'rugadh mi
Cuirear orm fàilt' 's a' chànain a thuigeas mi
Gheibh mi ann aoidh gràdh 'n uair ruigeam
Nach reicinn air thunnaichean òir

Chì mi ann coilltean, chì mi ann doireachan
Chì mi ann maghan bàna is toraiche
Chì mi na féidh air làr nan coireachan
Falaicht' an trusgan de chèo

Beanntaichean àrda is àillidh leacainnean
Sluagh ann an còmhnuidh is còire cleachdainnean
'S aotrom mo cheum a' leum g'am faicinn
Is fanaidh mi tacan le deòin


Oh I see, I see the great mountains
Oh I see, I see the lofty mountains
Oh I see, I see the corries
I see the peaks under the mist

I see right away the place of my birth
I will be welcomed in a language that I understand
I will receive hospitality and love when I reach there
That I will not trade for tons of gold

I see woods there, I see thickets
I see fair, fertile fields there
I see the deer on the ground of the corries
Shrouded in a garment of mist

High mountains with lovely slopes
Folk abiding there who are customarily kind
Light is my step when I go bounding to meet them
And I will remain there willingly

Played at John F. Kennedy's funeral in Arlington, Virginia, 1963, this was one of JFK's favorite songs.

Called "one of the most hauntingly evocative gaelic songs", it is beautifully rendered by the great Talitha Mackenzie. A family name on the distaff.

One to own and treasure...