Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Graphic images of the first beheading

Graphic images of the first beheading


Will Mr. Berg be the only American beheaded in retribution for American misdeeds in Iraq? Or is he only the first one?

My hope is that he is the last one.

But we've got to quit digging the hole deeper. We shouldn't have gone into Iraq in the first place, since the reasons for our going have turned out to be bogus. No WMD. No Nuclear threat. No Al Qaeda connection.

As we are witnessing, or supressing, images of our own atrocities, our own inhumanity to man, and woman, and indeed child...we are shown an image of one of our own suffering the consequences of ill-conceived visions, basically, and suddenly we want to step up our violence against those who perpetuated this horrible deed.

There is no either/or. We have both been shown to be capable of atrocious behavior. So stop! And maybe they will!
At least we will not be going our own standards of decency, regardless of the fact that a relatively small minority of others act otherwise.

Greatness is having the power, but not using it.
Store up for true emergencies.
Don't exhaust your resources, especially not frivolously, with mere profit in mind.

In Falluja, they killed 4 Americans, and in retaliation, we killed hundreds. Both them and us.

"Paths of Glory" comes to mind...

How many of us and them will we kill because of this one man's death?

And how many more Nick Bergs will that insure?

If we are truly on a path of Peace...let us be on a path of peace, and stop the warring already.

99.9% of the World are fed up with Powerful People throwing poor schmucks to the proverbial dogs of war, while nothing but Oil pours, nay, trickles, from the other side.