Monday, July 26, 2004

Carolina: If you can't vote for Edwards...don't vote against him!

     John Edwards is the bridge between the two Carolinas.  Born in South Carolina, raised in North Carolina, Senator Edwards -- a man,  a gentleman,  who has honorably represented our states,  could well become the windfall we have so long deserved.
     The towns and cities that are his roots, will blossom in tourism money alone! Exponentially!
But the entire states of North and South Carolina will benefit from an Edwards and Kerry victory...again, in just tourism dollars...some of which will be converted into future businesses, and such, since they will obviously love it, and want to relocate here.

     A vote for Edwards is a vote for the Carolinas. Both of them.

     But a vote for Bush is a vote for Texas...not a state we generally want to emulate. We are, frankly, better than that.

     A victory for Edwards is a victory in every way. Tourism dollars are just the tip of the iceberg.  Use your imagination. Manufacturing relief comes to mind. But I suspect the Carolinas will also become the hub of alternative energy and other 21st century endeavors.

    Be optimistic! Vote FOR Edwards.  But if you still can't...please don't vote AGAINST him, because it will be a vote against our future.  A happy tourist is infinitely more desirable than a hostile one.  We need to repair at home and abroad. And Edwards will be the conduit of our good ideas. Lord knows we need good ideas!


     John Edwards shares the same values as most Carolinians: Taste, Class and Sincerity. But these qualities are not just prized in the Carolinas...they are also qualities valued throughout the Southeast.  And speaking from the experience of having lived a decade in New England...these are also qualities valued in that region. And also because of my years there, I was also able to see many hours of John Kerry over the years, and can testify that he too shares these values.

     By Taste, I mean, among other things, Discernment. It is better to read Pat Conroy or Reynolds Price than to watch violence on TV, for instance.  And Class demands a certain noblesse oblige, or sense of duty to serve those who need it. Sincerity means to be a good steward because you are a good steward, not for some ego boost, or financial recompense.

     There are, of course, many other values that we all share: Honesty, Integrity, Openness, Friendliness, Sacrifice, Freedom, Liberty, Truth, Family, Love, Humor... and in among these, not one is not without home in the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

    We should be happy these two gentlemen came along to guide us back to civility and respect around the globe.

    It is how we ALL win.