Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Future of the Carolina Blogosphere: Charlotte Edition

How and Why Blogs will Change the Future

As we explore the future of North Carolina, we at anonyMoses will be sifting through the ideas of regional bloggers, with particular emphasis on Charlotte area bloggers...with the logic being three-fold. First, I am here. I am a Charlotte blogger. The second reason being that Greensboro and Chapel Hill already have a past, as regards blogging and the blogosphere...and certainly a dynamic present. Charlotte, on the other hand, is more future, less past. But in writing about Charlotte blogging, and how it relates to the future of North Carolina, it will be a necessary joy to consult and refer to the successes and lessons of Greensboro and Chapel Hill. The third reason is that I want to add to the discussion taking place at the Tarheel Tavern, where North Carolina is the main topic, as well as take away from it, both ideas and inspiration.

Ideally, each succeeding bloggercon would bring forward all that was learned from each of the preceding ones, then try to improve upon it in good and novel ways. For example, we want to have a more equitable mix of men and women, and a wider range, socio-economically and racially. Live music during and after the conference is being discussed, and we hope that Charlotte's vast and wondrous music scene will participate, both with music and blogs. My hope is that the evening will bring a free concert featuring area musicians and artists, who hoefully also blog. Before long it will be the case that a band will just have to announce their concert on their blog in order to pack the place. It is already happeing, surely.

And when a somewhat seasoned blogger travels to another blog-rich environment, such as Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Asheville...he or she needn't be a stranger in town. Announce that you're taking the trip, and arrange to meet the local bloggers over coffee or green tea. It is already being done. In but a trickle as yet though.

Among the Charlotte-area bloggers I have gathered, as yet, are the following. As I proceed, I hope to find areas that need developing, and then try to affect change toward correcting it, reporting failure or success, as happens. I think you will find that there is a fairly wide spectrum among the following bloggers, but suggestions are more than welcome.

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