Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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Pizza is Fuel

The Age of Exuberance. Part Two
Please introduce yourselves. I told them tonight of the upcoming bloggercon, and they thought: "Who are you?" A great bunch of folks, but not yet blogging, sadly.

In an effort to gather a healthy group of bloggers for the upcoming Bloggercon, I find myself hurling myself into conversations, and blurting out all manner of alien noises which sounds a lot like "bbblog", or something similar. Frog maybe. But visions create their own energy. And when this energy is multiplied among resonant others, the only word to describe such a state is exuberance. The first Age of Exuberance had its visions, then its realities. And now at the inflection of the Second Age of Exuberance...the synergy is palpable. The possibilities our new frontier.

It is not for one political side or party or team though, but should include all views, all peoples.
Spread the word wherever you can. Either that, or just accept what those who are left behind to work the old machinery try to sustain a way-way monologue.

I tend to vote Democratic, but would never want to cut off voices I may not agree with.
As long as people are civil, many of the former walls that separated people can come down.
Blogs may be a way to "tear down that wall". Not necessary compromise one's principles or standards, but rather instead to learn that no one is the monsters some would like to portray.

And indeed...would-be enemies, such as bloggers and newpaperpeople, at the previous bloggercons, shared information, and friendships and partnerships were formed. The community benefited and the world watched and many cheered.

And just when you thought Information was being swallowed up, and disposed, by global conglomerates, the Information squeaks through the cracks of this blog then that, and is free.

Join in the great dialogue.
Be a part of history.
Become a blogger. Because.
No matter where you go, there you are.
And it's better to be a live dog than a dead lion.