Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


via Scrutiny Hooligans

We won't get fooled again...
(Yeah, right!)

Some would have you believe everything is hunky-dory in Iraq.
Hunky-dorian for whom, I ask.
From what I have seen it is hunky-locrian at best.
And no where near mixolydian, not to mention hypomixolydian...

Were Mahler here to sort things out,
he'd say the trumpets blown in caps
Mock the bugles playing Taps
which Armerichair ears will never hear.

Armchair America. A kiss conceals a bite.
A hug, a stranglehold.

While quakebuttock Cornfeds confound confeds
sleeping gently in their beds
as bombs crash through the ceiling
10 thousand miles away.
The Liberal Media is in town!
It is dressed in beige and brown.
It signals through the flames
detractors outing Plames

Humptyhillhead humbly dumbing down
town humming in the hummer mummer parade
charade. She her a zade.

From whom the horses speak
of blinds and blinding visions
of Vishnu rising from the sands
Come the take on where it's at.
If only the lines could be red between,
So blew the daze of our lies.

[From the Bad Poetry Series, "Nonny's Barrelscrape: Edict 49".]