Thursday, March 03, 2005

National ID Card, Passport to Police State?

I read this thought-provoking piece at the blog of one of the pioneers of community blogging, Jay Ovittore:

This past week, the House of Representatives passed bill HR 418, the bill that introduces the Real ID Act (National ID card). I see this move as a passport to a police state. A few tidbits on the National ID card:
1)States have the option to opt out, but that means they would not receive grants from the government for their DMV and licensing divisions.
2)If you do not get a National ID card, you can not enter any federally owned building, board an airplane,etc... you get the point.
3)This is the scary part, there has been discussion about a homing chip (RFID chip, Radio Frequency ID Chip) to track where you are as well as what you buy, etc... The implement of Biometric Info such as retina scans and DNA info. Big Brother not only watching but recording into a database who you are, what you do, etc...

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