Saturday, April 23, 2005

CNN Guerrillas in the Midst: A Viral Marketing Campaign Exposed

This is CNN: the only major news network using your blog for an experimental guerrilla marketing campaign.

Nick Lewis

This week, CNN broke ground as the first news network to attempt a viral marketing campaign in the blogosphere. But the sophisticated, insightful, deceptive, and even aggressive tactics that I’ve unearthed are all part of a much bigger story: CNN is gambling that they can use the blogosphere to gain a competitive advantage over their seemingly invincible arch rival Fox News[5].

If CNN’s viral marketing tactics succeeded [1], than make no mistake: Fox will retaliate; and they are likely to use the exact same methods. Allowing these guerrilla marketing campaigns to continue could result in our blogs -- leftwing and rightwing alike -- to become the battlefield in ratings war between two of the largest media giants.