Friday, April 22, 2005

Starting Monday...The Myth Of Charlotte Pollution

The Charlotte Capitalist (TM)

I went ahead and tossed out the following questions:

A few questions you might wish to answer:

1. It is somewhat understandable how someone would defend polluters when they are paid to do so. How do you explain unpaid defenders of polluters?

2. On more than one occasion, Charlotte has had a "Code Purple Race Week" (or "Code Purple" "Race Week", if you don't like the implication of the former). How much air pollution is added to Charlotte's air because of car racing? Will Charlotte be the first city to host Solar car racing? (It would be nice to go to a race and not choke on the air.)

3. Certainly one of the worst-smelling air polluters in the area is the Pipe & Foundry, just across 277 from the Bank of America Stadium.
Higher Standards would also demand higher air quality standards. When will the stadium folks tell the polluters to put a cork in it?

4. Is our addiction to cars chaining us to a future of greater congestion, in traffic and in health, because of the concomitant air pollution?

5. Why is it that polluting, and the defense thereof seems to be a peculiarly Republican activity? How much money is spent by polluters to defend and distort the truth?

A concerned citizen