Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Imagine that only one of the Democratic candidates makes it to the top slot. Say John Dean or John Edwards. Maybe even John Kerry. Certainly a John though. There has never been a King Dennis, and so precedence is not cheerleading from the background, adding the winds of history to the sails of the candidacy. It could happen. At any rate, you can imagine it because it will certainly be so. They all can't be president. At least not this time. They have to take turns. Maybe even earn it.

Of course there is the possibility that two will rise, leaving the rest to what? Pack up and go home? Well maybe not. Maybe each can have a vital role in whichever administration takes over the current unpleasantness.

I can imagine, say, a Dean/Edwards ticket, with Kerry as State, Kucinich as Drug Czar, Gephardt as Labor, Braun as Attorney General, General Wesley Clark as Defense, Lieberman as Commerce, Gore as Energy...and Sharpton as the official Merlin, or seer to the President. In such a scenario, a synergy, rather than a competition, would ensue...and together both they and we can restore democracy and help put our country back on healthy soil, heading in a positive direction.

Something to think about...