Sunday, June 22, 2003

I don't know...I tried to get through the other candidates' letters, but was reminded what David Ogilvy once said, which ALL the candidates should keep in mind:

"You can't BORE someone into buying your product." - David Ogilvy

Senator Edwards tells his usual common man story; the Reverend Al Sharpton all but surrenders and yet throws his vote to whomever is chosen; Lieberman is his arrogant, constipative self...overly possessive of the votes won for Gore in 2000; Kucinich is great and yet...are we ready for a President with bangs? Gephardt sounds like his words were granked out by a machine or a grinder-organ monkey. Braun is not as impressive as she could be either. Hard to get excited about most of them. Dean is the real shiner, although Kucinich is also powerful and saying that which needs to be said. Change the hair though, Dennis. Get a better suit. God I'm shallow!