Thursday, June 26, 2003

Fueling the Recovery

This lovely Charlotte manor shows taste when lighting the night.


...but why is Charlotte lighting the day?

Come to Charlotte. It's a beautiful city in a beautiful state. It is beginning to catch onto the subtleties of night lighting.

My question is: Why light the day?
Travel around Charlotte on any given day, and you will see streetlights just a-pumpin' out the light. And this stuff ain't cheap. It ain't even needed. If it were water, we would have been Venice years ago. Only we'd have motorboats. With NASCAR all over 'em. Just thinkin' about it makes me loosen my grammar. Drop g's an' shit. Even cuss. Dayem!

But I digress. Or will die gressing. Enough already!

So yes. Make 'em shut off the lights. I'm tired of fueling the "recovery"...