Saturday, June 28, 2003

Google News and Media Weblogs

Google News and Media Weblogs
Weblogs Compendium -
Listings of templates, tools, directories, hosting and discussion about weblogs.
Dive into Accessibility -
Presenting tips which can be applied to a weblog template to make it more accessible. Although these concepts apply to all web sites, focus is on implementation using popular weblogging tools.
Blogroots -
Discussion and resource site for webloggers.
Write a Better Weblog -
Article about writing a better blog, by Dennis A. Mahoney.
Mediajunk -
A blog-style site with news of blogging, new media, thin media, Google and other web stuff. Packaged and presented in Michael Heraghty's style.
Photobloggies Awards -
Awards for photoblogs.
MovableBlog -
A blog about the MovableType Personal Publishing System.
WebWOWzer -
Putting the wow in your browser. Websites reviewed.
Weblog Bookwatch -
Links to books that are popular on weblogs. Mainly books about blogging.
An Incomplete History of Weblogs -
Commentary on the early development of weblogs.
The Psychology of Weblogs -
Essays about blogging and the behavior and motivations behind it, from an online psychologist.
Deconstructing "You've Got Blog" -
Reading between the lines of Rebecca Mead's November 2000 New Yorker article on Weblog culture.
Blogging @ Writers Write -
A resource containing blogging news headlines, resources, tools and articles about creating a weblog.
Anatomy of a Blogging Engine -
Article on implementing a content managed blogging engine.
eCriteria Datablog -
Online resource for blogging and web service related resources, tools, article publishing, and group blogging community sign up.
Weblogger User Group -
A user group for and by webloggers (aka bloggers, diary keepers, personal journalists). Busy discussion list.
The Peer-to-Peer Review Project -
Site to encourage interaction by having bloggers review each other's blogs.
Weblog Devel: Homemade Weblog Tools -
There are many tools available to build a weblog (GreyMatter, Moveable Type, and Blogger), but some bloggers still decided to design their own tools. This group is here for those of us who built their own, homemade from scratch.
BlogPromo -
A moderated mailing list for promoting blogs, weblogs, and online journals and diaries.
Blogtech -
List for technical discussion of weblog-related software. All projects are welcome.
Media Coverage of Weblogs -
Collection of links to articles and media coverage regarding Web logs.
Live Journal Review -
A weblog that primarily reviews online journals and weblogs and gives ratings and awards based on categories.
Rewrite -
The search for innovation in newspapers. This blog explores where we've gone wrong and what we're doing right, with an eye toward rewriting the future of newspapers.
All Consuming -
Aggregates books that are mentioned on weblogs and provides insight into what the weblog community is reading at the moment.
Hypergene MediaBlog -
All about participatory journalism: how audiences are changing the future of news and information.
ISSN for Weblogs -
How to sign up your weblog for an International Standard Serial Number, adding it to the standardized worldwide encyclopedia of periodicals.
Blogads -
Blogging about blogonomics, catablogs, thin media, old media, ezines, klogs, blogads.
Microcontent News -
A blog on blogging, micromedia, microads, ezines and self-publishing and corporate blogging. -
Research Professor of Markup Cryptography, University of Blogaria. Help setting up and keeping going for those who blog.