Saturday, February 14, 2004

Inventing The "Clinton Recession"

BW Online | February 23, 2004 | Commentary: Inventing The "Clinton Recession"

The lying liars are at it again...

Anyone who paid attention could see the manipulations going on in the markets toward the end of Clinton's administration. Greenspan kept throwing the brakes on, time after time after time. Folks at CNBC would boo while Gore was speaking, and talk about how Internet stocks were at cross-purposes with Pharmaceutical stocks. If Internet is up, Pharms are down, and vice-versa. And the closeness of the election made investors yes, there was a decline, just had there been rises and falls throughout. Only thing is...the wrong guy won...and so it kept going down and down and down. Had Gore carried on the torch set by Clinton, as was perfectly natural given that it wasn't broken...the markets would have recovered quite quickly indeed.

Silly investors!