Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Purpose of Wrinkles

A wrinkle suddenly appears upon the brow. What to do?

If you think that a wrinkle is just something that can removed surgically, or with injections of are probably in the majority. But what if that wrinkle were there to warn you of a problem elsewhere?

Well...this is exactly the view of some, mainly Asian, medical folk. And if it is true, then merely removing the wrinkle, without heeding, or treating, the problem indicated by the wrinkle, might mean that you are missing a clue that might save your life, were you to heed the warning.

For example, when I drink (which is rare), I tend to get a verticle line, or wrinkle, between my eyebrows. I also often get a headache, which seems to center on this spot.

As it happens, that line, according to Dr. Michio Kushi, is an indicator of stomach problems.

Well, I could make the connection and realize the the drink is causing damage to my liver, or I could simply remove the wrinkle... and drink on until my stomach fails.

This is but one example of how reading one's own face can be a form of preventive medicine, in this case, saving thousands of dollars, and maybe death. There are also wrinkles and creases that indicate sexual dysfunction, digestive misfunction, and several others.

So before you run off and pay to bandaid over a the signs, and see if these wrinkles are not actually a form of hieroglyphics reflecting your actual health.

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