Sunday, February 08, 2004

Turns of PhraseIndex

Turns of PhraseIndex "TURNS OF PHRASE SECTION INDEX -- This section features words that are relatively new and which often have not yet reached the dictionaries. At least, this was true at the time they were written -- remember this is an archive of pieces written over the past seven years!"


Acoustic shock; Aerobot; Affluence test; Alcopop; Allohistory; Ambient advertising; Amperkine; Andropause; Anorakish; Apoptosis; Archaeon; Areologist; Artilect; Asian Brown Cloud; Asylo; Asymmetrical warfare; Auxetic; Beanpole family; Big Bang II; Bioinformatics; Bioinvasion; Biomimetics; Biomusicology; Biophilia; Biopiracy; Biopunk; Biosurgery; Birtism; Black-water rafting; Blairism; Blogger; Blue revolution; Bluejacking; Bluetooth; Bookcrossing; Break-out space; Bright; Business theatre; Café Scientifique; Caffeinol; Captology; Celtic Tiger; Chemtrail; Chill Can; Chronopsychology; Chronotherapy; Clinical governance; Cobot; Collaboratory; Commentariat; Community currency; Community marriage policy; Computer-assisted journalism; Consilience; Convivium; Cool Britannia; Coopetition; Cosmeceutical; Covenant marriage; Crisis memoir; Culture jamming; Cyberchondria; Cyberloafing; Cyberventing; Darwin Day; Data archaeology; Data haven; Datacasting; Deep Web; Demutualisation; Denglisch; Dental Spa; Diabesity; Digital divide; Disintermediation; Dogme 95; DOTS; Doula; Downshifter; Dress-up Thursday; Drive-by-wire; DVD; Dyspraxia; E-day; E-science; E-voting; Ebonics; Echo boomer; Eco-cement; Ecofact; Ecologism; Economy-class syndrome; Econophysics; Electroclash; Electronic cinema; Electronic paper; Electrosmog; Emo; Endocrine disrupter; Entitlement card; Euro-creep; Euroland; Europanto; Evernet; Evidence-based education; Evo-devo; Exformation; Exoplanet; Extranet; Eyerobics; Fabless; Fashionista; Feebate; Financial phobia; Flash mob; Footfall; Free-running; Freegan Gene chip; Genetic pollution; Genetic underclass; Geocaching; Geosequestration; Global dimming; Global distillation; Globesity; Glycomics; Gold-collar worker; Golden rice; Gorge-walking; Green famine; Grey goo; Grey literature; Grid; Grid computing; Grocerant; Gutkha; Heroin chic; Hidden hunger; Home zone; Hot desking; Hybrid CD; Hydrodyne process; Hydrogen economy; Hypercar; Hypernova; I-mode; Identity theft; Information fatigue syndrome; Information rich/information poor; Informavore; Infowar; Injecting room; Inplacement; Intermercial; Internet 2; Intranet; Iraqification; Iris code; Irritable male syndrome; Kibibyte; Leisure sickness; Lifestyle drug; Lightcraft; Linguistic profiling; M-commerce; Machinima; Magnetar; Mathom; MDR-TB; Mechatronics; Meldrew; MEMS; Mesh radio; Metamediary; Metrosexual; Microcredit; Microtransaction; Millennium bug; Misomusist; Miswanting; Molecular Archaeology; Molecular farming; Moletronics; Mountainboarding; Muscle dysmorphia; NaSSA; Neurobics; Neuroeconomics; Neurotheology; New Puritans; Nocebo; Nu-metal; Nutraceutical; Nutrigenomics; Obesogenic; Open source; Orexin; Orthorexia; Oscillon; Otpotss; Overclass Padania; Palermo scale; Permission-based marketing; Personal telco; Phage therapy; Pharmacogenomics; Pharming; Phen-fen; Phishing; Phytoremediation; Polyamory; Polychronic; Polypill; Portal site; Prebuttal; Presenteeism; Prion; Probiotic; Pronoia; Prosumer; Proteome; Proteomics; Push technology; PVR; Qubit; Raw foodism; Reality fighting; Regender; Retail anthropologist; RFID; Riskometer; SARS; Screenager; Set-top box; Shock and Awe; Sky-surfing; Smart gun; Social software; Solutions journalism; Sonic cruiser; Spamdexing; Spintronics; Squalamine; Sub-prime; Synthespian; T-ray; Teamspace; Techgnosis; Technorealist; Televersity; Therapeutic cloning; Thin client; Thinspiration; Third Way; Toxicogenomics; Traffic evaporation; Triple-drug therapy; Tweenager; Tweenie; UMTS; Upsizing; Upskilling; V-mail; Viatical; WAP; Warchalking; Water banking; Water war; Web ring; Webucation; Weightless economy; Xenotransplantation; Xenozoonosis; Yuhangyuan; Zoochosis; Zorbing

Imagine yourself suspended inside a ten-foot clear plastic sphere by nylon ropes, then rolled to the top of a steep hill and pushed off. No brakes, no steering, just you and gravity. By all accounts, it’s like being a stray sock in a spin dryer, and it’s obligatory to scream a lot. This is the newest extreme sport, invented by Andrew Akers in New Zealand about three years ago as something exciting for the tourists to do. There are reports that some find hillsides too tame, and have tried rolling off cliffs and waterfalls. The balls bounce OK; so usually do those inside. Confirming my suspicion that there is no activity so crazy that it will not be taken up by somebody somewhere, Zorbing has enthusiasts not only in the Antipodes but also in Europe (though the craze seems not to have hit the USA yet). A participant is sometimes called a Zorbonaut.