Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Conservatism is Comformatism

Conservatism is Comformatism

by anonyMoses

Q. Why did the shorthair cross the road?
A. Somebody told him to.

Q. Why did the longhair cross the road?
A. Somebody told him not to.

- Firesign Theatre

Dull minds think alike. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Civilization began with an act of disobedience and is likely to end in an act of obedience. - Erich Fromm

Why do people shun information and soak their minds with the likes of the entirely biased, partisan, partial Rush Limbaugh? Because they are conformists, lemmings, sheeple. Dull minds. Fixed. Hard-headed. Hard-hearted. In other words, stupid.

Conformity should be the sole domain of soldiers, who have opted to hand over their freemind in order to carry out the will of someone else. Some say the pay is good, but I don't think any soldier would agree.

Plantations & Prisons

Consider. Consider a plantation. Little to no pay, in the harsh midday sun, day after day after day. But from a plantation, a person may actually escape.

Consider a prison. Similarly harsh conditions perhaps. Perhaps not. But no chance of escape.

Sadly, our soldiers are living in a condition where plantation meets prison. They work all day in the hot midday sun, day after day after day. But can they escape? No. They are also basically imprisoned.

For this handing over of the mind, and plantational imprisonment...they should be paid dearly indeed.

But their condition is even worse than this...

Were slaves under a condition of permanent terror? Some maybe, but most, probably not. Are prisoners under a state of permanent terror? Let us hope not.

Our solders, children of yours and mine, are always in a life and death situation. That moment just before your last automobile accident.

It is not a state of joy. It is not Heaven on Earth, as you would wish them to live and breathe. Or be a part of or a party to.

But, as Bob Woodward says, it is Hell on Earth. Hell! Imagine that! And we though we were so Godly! So like Jesus!

Then add to this, the fact that many are getting killed, and many, many others rendered less than whole, and at times permenently dismembered and scarred, physically and psychologically...and I'd say you have an underpaid bunch of good folk on your hands. And this should be addressed immediately. Better yet, bring them back to the safety of their homes and save the future expense. But reward them, justly, for their tremendous sacrifice.

Time for a correction. Vote sanely.

No friends, the selection was a bad one. A very bad one. And a correction is needed. That's all. No big whooptie-doo. Nothing to get puffed up about, or wax arrogant.

A simple taking up of the mantle, and handling it -- meaning the world, and the fate of the world -- with such careful stewardship as would befit a bodhissatva of the first water.

The Lesson of 911

And learn the lesson of 911 and George W. Bush, namely that it is not good to overextend yourself. As the I Ching says: Better to be a low, wide mountain than a megalith in a desert. To achieve this, one simply gives as one receives. Nourishes those around you. Feeds your people.

Then they will rally around, and act as a protective piedmont.

But nooooo! Got to stand tall. John Wayne in a hall of midgets. Puffing out the chest even still! Which rhymes with Steven Still. Which is the singular of Steven Stills. Who is the Stills is Crosby, Stills & Nash. Who loved to smoke hash. And sing us the news and make cash.

Ah! To be in that boat again! Just me and the pygmy pony, over by the dental floss.


- anonyMoses

to be discontinued...