Saturday, April 24, 2004

Should the Vatican be Excommunicated?

Should the Vatican be Excommunicated?

As a protestant, I'm going to protest the Vatican and their attempt to usurp Prince Bandar's role of fixing the American election for waspy George. Are they insane? (Don't answer that. It may disturb your sleep.)

Why the Church uses Fear as a tool is beyond me. They should be using Love, like Jesus and the Sufis. I have serious reservations about whether Jesus would approve of what his namesake corporation has become, and indeed, what it has under its belt. Not the best of records.

Granted, Protestants are no better, especially if you look at the slowhead cults like those lead by weasels like Foolwell and Phat Robberbaronson. But like most moderate and liberal Catholics, many of the Interfaith protestants are not nearly so eager to marry Church and State.

From what I have heard lately, there are more than a few people who are ready to leave the Church behind...and the more political they become, the more the desire to leave. And, I should add...take their money with them. And the Church can't afford that. Not with all their sex crime bills coming due.

What we have here is Churchianity, not Christianity. And no sheister has the magic to send you to Hell. Leave that to the Bushies. They created Hell. Maybe the only one there is. Except the one in your mind, the one in your heart. There because of the vacuum.

Fill your heart with God. Wash out these ne'er-do-wells. They are only trying to frighten you. And take your money.

Say no to the Church's cruel tithe and spend policies. It's YOUR money. Not theirs.
Walk, no run, from their greedy clutches, their evil Church & State. Their cross of gold.

(You will notice that gold, not God, is what is being sold on this NewsMax shitpaper.)