Monday, April 19, 2004

It's the flag-burning, stupid!

It's the flag-burning, stupid!

Sure the world is going to Hell in a proverb! But we've got some serious problems here. And thank God we've got those astute and precient Nostrodamuses to show us what might be haunting us around the corner.

Clinton said: "It's the Economy, Stupid!", and yet he was impeached. So screw the economy. My own inclination is to say, "It's the World, Stupid!", since, regardless of how Americans would feel were Bush to be removed from office...the World would be exuberant. And what America needs right now is a friendly environment in which to live, work and share the planet. Or maybe I would say, "It's the Peace, stupid!, since that is also glaringly true.

But when I see all those foreigners burning our precious flag...I don't know...some things are just too sacred to be treated in such an undignified manner. And then I am reminded why we have to kick their asses.

But I have come to realize that we are not actually kicking their asses.
We are actually killing them. With guns, missiles and bombs.
In their own country!

Is this not rude?

Much we behave so boorishly?

All we want to do is have them pull down their pants and bend over.
We will kick them with the tops of our discalced feet,
not even very hard, and we'll be happy.
After all...they are only flags!

So yes. If Kerry is looking for a campaign slogan, I'd suggest, "It's the Flag-burning, stupid!" So simple. Nothing all that complicated. No formulas to figure out. No weird countries with asinine names.

Then we can take our shoes off.
Kick some real ass.