Friday, April 23, 2004

Sharon the Bully is doing a disservice to Jews

Sharon the Bully is doing a disservice to Jews

All my life, I have felt a deep sympathy for the Jewish people for having to suffer the evil deeds of that bastard and misanthrope, Adolph Hitler. In fact, I have had a hard time forgiving the German people for having hatched such a monster.

But Ariel Sharon is doing his level best to squander the goodwill and sympathy of much of the world, by his bullying, his throat-slitting past, his own murderous deeds, and his cowboy swagger.

Mr. Perez, Mr. Barak, and Mr. Rabin are far more worthy representatives than the adipose and threatening Mr. Sharon, for they conjure to mind people like Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Hillel, and the life. Not, sadly to say, Mike Tyson.

But we have a sort of pussilanimous Mike Tyson in the Oval Office ourselves, and yet we all know he is a paper tiger and a wuss...and will be replaced by a much better human being very soon indeed. You fellers ought to consider getting rid of your own monsters. After all...Peace is better than War. And killing is declasse and rude.

Admittedly, Arafat is no better. But why lower yourselves? Think with the top of your intelligence, as you have done for millennia. But never forget your heart...which all people have. Even your supposed enemies. And maybe, hopefully, they will consider your hearts as well.

I pray that Peace will come to the Middle East and to the World. But it first has to exist in your hearts, our hearts. All our hearts.

Fear not. Rather love...with all your might, and all your heart. Pray for your enemy as well.

Remember David and Goliath. And don't side with Goliath.

May Peace, alas, descend to all peoples.