Saturday, January 15, 2005

Digby on Kos, Armstrong Williams and institutionalizing "blogger ethics"

What makes Digby so wondrous? Read and see for yourself...


Those Who Can, Blog; Those Who Can't, Teachout
Well now, it appears that "Zonkette" is causing quite a brouhaha. Atrios and others have more than adequately explained the fact that Jerome and Kos disclosed everything they needed to disclose and any comparison with Armstrong Williams accepting a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars under the table is some kind of cosmic joke. But the damage is done.
So the left blogosphere will be the focus of this crusade for online ethics. We don't have institutions like the Claremont Institute who can hire us on as "fellows" --- and launder Republican money through it to pay us. We aren't going to get our marching orders and talking points through the coordinated "left wing" media because there is no coordinated left wing media. We are out here on our own, and when or if we say or do something controversial, there is no institutional defense of us because there is no institution. Certainly, we aren't going to get paid big bucks to be a member of the team.

So fuck a "code of ethics." It will only serve to marginalize us.

All we really have, and ever had, is our credibility with our readers as opinion writers and committed activists. We shall have to measure all of our decisions based upon personal integrity and issue a blanket call of caveat emptor. It's all there is. And, frankly it's all we need. Because despite what some people seem to believe, there is no code of ethics to explain Judith Miller or Lisa Myers.