Friday, January 14, 2005

Harry Hitler

The Education of Harry Hitler

Diana must be, well, upset with her Harry. And today we hear that Charles wants his boys to watch Schindler's List to get a better sense of just why the world is outraged by Harry's miscreantics. But what other films, books, and such should young Harry add to his education?
Some that come to my are:
Life is Beautiful
Au Revoir Les Enfants
Judgment at Nuremberg
Nasty Girl
The White Rose
Garden of Finzi-Continis
Sorrow and the Pity
Last Metro
Serpent's Egg

Each of these is unique and speaks of different aspects of the horrors of what the world had become. Each I would recommend highly. There are many more, and I may post them as I recall them. Harry needs education, and he needs it soon. Good thing Bill preceeds him.

While he is being videoeducated, he and they might also rest their eyes on this short film.
(Thanks to Roch Smith Jr. of Greensboro 101 for the link.)