Sunday, February 13, 2005

Anti-blog rant from Charlotte Observer columnist--and the aftermath

from TeleRead


Meanwhile, speaking of Carolina and blogging and the related conference, let's not pick just on those who see blogging as a panacea. A blog-based economy can't replace textile jobs. But really, is blogging as nefarious as a semi-coherent Charlotte Observer column would have you believe? Observer staffer John McBride wrote a beaut headined Will blogs liberate us or just bog us down? (password required). Just what qualifies McBride to knock blogging? It's more of a social thing than a technical thing. Who cares if his column identifies him as an applications analyst with Microsoft training? Maybe he also holds a Ph.D. in sociology, but from afar, this guy strikes me as totally clueless about the possibilities of the Net's many-to-many mode. Read a rebuttal from Anonymoses, aka David Beckwith, spotted via Ed Cone's blog.