Monday, February 14, 2005

Music: Sticks in your Head

The President's Analyst

'...the changes that keep going down
And they always will
I can get my fill
If I go along with the changes
That go round and round
It's all there to see
As they come to me
If I go along with the changes...'

Weird, the songs that get stuck in your head. Today, it has been a song that occurs in the beautifully strange '60s movie, "The President's Analyst", with the late James Coburn. Surely, Buck Henry had something to do with the writing. He may even appear in it. Long time no see. I seem to remember the music better than the visuals. But alas that also happened with the film, Siddhartha, which I saw at the Coolidge Corner Cinema in Brookline, Mass. back in the early mid-'80s, and which had this one scene, where the raftsman took Sid across the waters, in the fog, on the Ganges (I believe) ...but the music playing during this scene...sublime. It was played again at the end, with total darkness on the screen.

This song still goes through my mind quite often, and since I have never been able to find a copy of it, I have just kept cycling through every so often, pick it out on the keys every now and again, and keep it alive any way I can. It's what I do. Nickle per millennium!

Am I weird, and/or does this happen to other hominids?

Both flicks are well worth the eyeballs, and earballs.