Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jack Saunders' Amazing MorphoBlog

What's a driver to do?

Please welcome Jack (my "driver") to the Internets and the blogosphere, as he can be as shy as the day is medium-sized.
Jack (or Le Petit Jacques, as his butler calls him) will be covering Lord Only Knows What, and I'm sure he will do a splendid job of it, or I will have to throw rocks at him.

And please, oh Lord, may Jack learn how to put comments on his page by going into the setup mode, and Sitemeter, and XML/RSS, and all the lovely things the good earth hath provided, as they maketh blogging into a holier experience than might have been had without the inclusion of said accessories. And teach Jack that he may change the color of that bar at the the top of his blog to, say, silver, in order that it may blend more with the rest of his blog, and that he may affect such change by going into the template section of blogger, as he is editing, for this will be as manna to the massive throngs awaiting his blogospheric ascent into bloggerativille.

And may it be known to his fellow neoblogger, ThePhiloblogger, that other than being interested in time travel, he is also famously fond of Hermann Hesse, and that he would like to hear ThePhilobloggers ideas concerning Siddhartha and its relationship to Wittgenstein, Heidegger and Aristotle, as it has leaked out that these were points brought out during a recent discussion of said Sid with your beloved narrator.