Sunday, February 13, 2005

Henry Copeland: "'News paper' bites 'blog'"

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"'News paper' bites 'blog'

Here's an excerpt from the wit himself concerning what professionals call "web logs".:

"Great blogger meeting yesterday at UNC. Organizers expected 20 or 30 and 120 showed up. Moderators did a superlative job of keeping the Socratic focus on the participants rather than themselves.

The issue of credibility kept coming up. Are newspapers more credible than bloggers. I find it remarkable that anyone thinks any soulless, artificial, born-and-bred-for-profit corporate fiction is more credible than... a human being. "

He makes a good point. Why do supposedly knowledgeable sources not know that the term is "blog". One reason is that they are afraid of being fired for having one. From the outside, one might conclude that squash was not a fun sport, judging by the looks on their faces.

You don't see the folks at GreenNR being so ignorant or misdirective.