Sunday, February 13, 2005

PressThink: Jay Rosen on Eason Jordan's Resignation and Blogthuggery

PressThink: Eason Jordan Resigns

Professor Rosen quotes Iddybud (Jude Nagurney-Camwell) who writes for American Street:

"This was clearly was a case of blog-thuggery." Jude Nagurney Camwell at the American Street:

The ‘Right-wing mouth machine’ would like us all to think that Eason Jordan was “bad” and “unAmerican” for saying what he said. CNN has been complicit by their reticence to talk about tough issues. They wound up to be the biggest loser. They lost Eason Jordan. Eason was guilty before being proven innocent by no other process except one: the blog-trial. The right-wing blogs seem to be the Supreme Court of the blogging community at large. Why should this be so?