Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NC: The History and Future of Blog Communities

There is a revolution afoot, and bloggers are at the forefront. It has many components, one of them being building and growing community, communities. This past weekend, we in North Carolina, got another taste of blogging community as the Triangle Bloggercon bloomed in Chapel Hill, on the beautiful campus of the University of North Carolina — the first public university, and the model for every other one. Who knows…maybe the blog community in Triangle and Triad will serve as a model for others around the country and world.

If your town or city is not already coalescing their bloggers into groups and communities, you might want to take the lead and make it happen…because it will happen eventually, and you may as well be the one giving it direction.
There are plenty of people who will offer their help, and some are blogging their ideas on how to do it. Dave Winer being one of the more recognizable communitizers.

Below the fold are links to some of the people, activities and ideas wrought during the conference, as well as pithy commentary by your host today…ammoniaNoses. Something like that.

The rest of this work-in-progress can be found today at
American Street.