Sunday, February 26, 2006

"An Army of Davids": Ed Cone interviews Glenn Reynolds

The other morning I woke up from a dream where I was sitting, chatting with Ed Cone. It was a very pleasant conversation, although I forget what we discussed. Perhaps we discussed why Michelangelo named his sculpture "David" instead of "Dave". Not sure. Probably blogging stuff.

This has nothing to do with anything, except, perhaps, the way bloggers intermingle on the psychic plane. I did hear someone last night say that the Internet was God, and that it was God as the Internet, which saved this woman's life. I wish I had paid more attention to the discussion.

But back to the coming Edwardian Age, when all things Edward rise to the top, just as all things George step down. Happens all the time.

But along with the Army of Edwards comes "An Army of Davids", which, if you haven't heard, is a new book by blogfather, Glenn Reynolds, who most know as Instapundit. Somehow I think that if he would have chosen the name, "Blogtivedanta" or "Anonymoses", he wouldn't have become nearly so popular. But he is not a stupid fellow, and now this unstupid fellow has penned a collection of words for the paper world. And Edward Cone has reviewed it.
He also interviewed Mr. Reynolds, which can also be read at the same post.

As a David and a blogger, I must say that I feel compelled to buy the book, although there are other bloggers' books in front of him. Perhaps I shall open a bookstore that carries only books by bloggers. Think I'll let it ripen a bit first though.

Have you ever felt unfocused? Do you ever get the sense that your host is scintillant with unfocusizationality? Well, if you do, I want to join your camp, for we can win this one. Sometimes, in fact, I feel like Mister Shandy himself, with my life but one series of absurd digressions.

And so it is with great struggle that I force my fingers to stray back to the topic of "An Army of Davids"...which now, upon tertiary mentation, strikes me as a tad too militant for my tastes. I mean...why "Army"? Why not Peace Corps or Coast Guard? I guess "A Coast Guard of Davids" would sound a little Bunuelian for ricecake America. And yet that might be preferred to "A Coast Guard of Osamas"...which is how many are portraying the Fox/Chickenport Vulnerability Act, or whatever they are calling it -- which, from a systemic POV, would seem to weaken the boundary subsystem, and thus threaten the whole in question.

What no one is saying though is that America would not have to entertain such options had we not squandered and plundered the treasury. But now that the Norquistians of the world have succeeded in drowning America in their evil little bathtub, corporations are having to slough off pensions, and America is having to hand over our largest points of vulnerability to those who could do us harm.

As someone who tries to be universally xenophiliacal, I think it would be foolhardy to summarily discount the notions brought forth by the Bush Administration that it would be fine to hand over ports to the UAE, who, in the main, have been friendly. My own, albeit limited, experience with citizens of Dubai have been cordial and even delightful. These are not animals. These are industrious human beings, but, for what it's worth, quite devout in their religion.

But could these people harm us? Sure! I suppose, if they wanted to. I am not naive enough to think that they would spare us just because a few of their citizens had nice dinner conversations with some Americans back in the 70s.
Nor am I naive enough to think that they are all as polite and pacifistic as the ones I met. But having met them, and having had a pleasant concurrence, I would tend to say that we could give them a chance...and probably also have checks and balances just to prevent temptation from bribes or other untoward activities.

So I stay out of the debate. And digress once again.

"The Army of Davids" apparently has little if anything to do with real armies, but rather speaks to the issue of individual empowerment as witnessed by the rise of blogs, which though often singularly wrought, commands audiences as vast as what could once only be garnered by Goliaths of Industry.

'Bout damn time!

But this new paradigm is not about Davids replacing Goliaths, but rather a world flattened such that both are on more equal footing.

I really do need to shut up and eat something...