Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Liquids Wetter Than Solids, Gases

SWAN QUARTER, NC--In a startlingly wondrous turn of events which has scientists in far-flung areas of the subtropics gaga, Swan Quarter 3rd grader, Oliver Sutton, stood up and told his classmates that "Liquids are wetter than solids and gases" during his turn at "Science Yack" -- a daily program which enables the younguns to opine on all things scientific.

The news was swift and oppressive. Ripples and shudders radiated from the small Carolina village to the point where authorities were called in to quell the disturbance. This shocked a number of otherwise languid citizens, who were forced, by conscience, to stand up and defend the little Sutton child on the grounds that "he was really no worse than other brats just because he had ideas. Jeez!".

Further examination, however, has shown that there really is no such thing as a solid, since what were once thought of as solids are really nothing more than the same mind-fluff that every other schmo is composed of, which, as it turns out, is a sort of projection of God's visions and thoughts upon a holographic screen which we are all part and whole of, whatever that means. I just obey orders. And now they are telling me to wrap it up...

Anyway...look into it! Bucky Fuller is a good place to start. Get back with me. Ta!