Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In the Works


Body of Ancient Man who discovered Fire Found in Siberia

Fire-eating dogs now being bred to replace traditional fire hose

Charlotte Poultroon Gets Serious Wedgie

How Sept 11 Caused the World to Stay the Same

Deloitte: "I'm just looking for some Touche"

Over-eager Oilman Strikes Hell

Conversation Deemed Spuerfluous, Deipnosophists Up in Arms

Gore Gets Mad and De-Invents the Internet Causing World Panic

Mt. Everest to be ground down and auctioned off in sugar packets on eBay

7 Habits of Highly Habituated Addicts

Why cats can beat up dogs but rarely waste the energy

Sexual Congress: A New Page

Want to lose weight? Eat what skinny people eat, stupid!

How to know if you have class

Avant-garde Lovemaking

"Secret Ingredient" in beer found more addictive than crack. US government still prohibited from demanding Ingredient labels.

Save your hair! New hair religion stops it from going to Hell

Trees found to have canine souls. . . discovered in bark

Unborn fetus discovered masturbating in womb

Wheelchair-disabled sue stand-up comedians in Class Action suit

Cordless dropcords may cause insanity

Salted beer nuts found to cause alcoholism

New poll shows women really prefer beta males

Do you believe in love after love? NY woman has sex with 2000 partners!

"The Matriot" slated to begin production in August

The real reason you can't see peepees on TV

Toll-roads taking their toll

Indo-European roots and berries

How to fool others into thinking you are likeable