Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Night Vision Makes Lighting Obsolete

Trillions of $$$ Saved
Everyone Now a Millionaire

Next month we will examine the next great revolution after the blog explosion, and that is, of course, the energy explosion...or shall I say, the energy "implosion"? Since Night vision has now removed all need for lighting, energy consumption has dropped to a mere trickle, the earth is cooling back down, and Mother Nature is smiling down upon us with grateful, knowing eyes. And you can bet those eyes are fashioned with a pair of Omnivision Nightwear from Shadewear International. The finest name in darkness correction.
Civilized countries are now being known for the darkness, rather than the abundance of light, since civilized countries are now converting to nightvision as a way to stave off darkness, rather than the old caveman tactic of trying to light everything around you, which is now known to be light pollution anyway!

The glasses are not only for night vision, however. One may also access the Internet, watch TV, use them as binoculars, stereo microscopes or telescopes although with nowhere near the resolution of the Hubble as yet, and yes! They also protect your eyes from bugs!

They are also corrected for astigmatism!

Anyway, we will be writing on this subject next month...so please come back. And keep the lights off for us!