Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fires, Floods & Earthquakes: Prelude to Hurricane Season

Human negligence may come back to bite...and it may a particularly harsh bite this hurricane season, despite what the hoodwinked and the hoodwinkers would have you believe. For years now the obscurantists have been diehard apologists for the pollutive, thus extending the pollution into the airwaves. "That dog doesn't bite!", they keep repeating. But when the dog does bite, will the lies and liars be resented? If only the guilty inherited the gaseous winds...

Earthquake jolts parts of Mendocino County
Earthquake shakes Athens
7.1 magnitude earthquake in Fiji
Experts: Utah Should Prepare For Big Earthquake
Study raises quake risk
National Guard mobilized to help fight wild fires
Multiple fires erupt, thanks to wind
Crews battle forest fires in East Tennessee
Crews Nearly Contain Black Hills Fires
Carolinas' climate ripe for forest fires
Flash flood warnings posted across rain-soaked Hawaii
Town put on flood alert